Adam is recognised as one of Australia’s most inspired landscape photographers.  With a combined love of the native Australian bush and photography spanning over 25 years. He was born and raised in Fremantle, Western Australia and his two great loves, photography and travel, have become his passion and his vocation. He now operates Photographic Tours to remote and beautiful parts of the world including Iceland, Greenland, Bhutan, Kimberley, Northern Lights, Tasmania, South America, Alaska and many more. See the web site for details.

Adam’s gallery located at 62 High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia, showcases his collection of stunning panoramic images that capture the majesty of the Australian landscape. Works from other areas can be found on his blog.

“I don’t create the scenes I photograph, I simply record them.  My job is to be able to see the infinite of nature and translate it to the finite of a photograph, whilst still transmitting the splendour of the original. To create a window out of a fragment that contains the essence of the whole.”

Each carefully composed image pays respect to the colours and quality of light present in Australia’s natural environment.

You need patience and endurance to record that special light.  Adam often waits hours, sometimes days, for the right conditions, spending months each year travelling the back roads and dirt tracks of Australia.

“I think the real art of landscape photography, is how to capture that essence and distil it into a single image that conveys the feeling of actually being there”.

His work has won numerous awards and hangs in many private collections both in Australia and overseas.

Adam’s stunning limited edition images will remain an enduring, timeless artistic record of the beauty of the unique Australian landscape.

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