Refund Policy


Art Links Australia does not guarantee that membership of our website will provide matches to your required services, or generate business for you. General membership to Art Links is free thus does not require any refunds.

Business Directory

Art Links does not guarantee that advertising in our Art Gallery, Art School and Artists Business directory will generate business for you.

Upgrades to Business listing in “Feature listings” and “Home Page” are for a 6 and 12-month period from subscription, renewable there after. Once subscription to upgrade is completed and accepted you are locked into a minimum upgrade period membership.

Art Links will not refund any memberships in that period, but you are NOT obliged to renew your membership at the end of this subscription period, this is at your discretion.

At times Art Links will advertise “specials” which will offer discounts for advertising fees. Art Links is not obligated and will not refund the difference between a “special” fee and standard fee if you have joined outside the “special” time period.