Aboriginal art is a significant art movement beginning in the 20th century. It still thrives today, growing and evolving, yet maintaining the essence of it’s origin. Aboriginal art in it’s earliest form were ancient engravings on rock walls that features animals, birds people and other symbols and objects. These engravings and paintings each told stories. Many of these stories were sacred and could not be told or written by anyone that wasn’t in the family. There were also stories of lessons and morals that were taught to the children so they would know right from wrong. Body painting was also a very popular form of art expression.

There are quite a few styles of art in this particular genre, including cross hatching, dot painting, brushed medicine leaves, dub dub paintings, and colour fields.

 In the modern day, Aboriginal art is still evolving and expands the diverse culture and regions. Influences of the art of long ago are present in the current works of art that are created today. Art enthusiasts can enjoy the incredible Aboriginal Art Collector’s Gallery at Kate Owen Gallery in Sydney, Australia. The entire third floor of this expansive gallery is dedicated to the museum quality artwork of intriguing contemporary art of this nature.

Guests that visit the Kate Owen Gallery will be able to relax and enjoy the experience in a tranquil atmosphere. Complementary wine is offered, and there is comfortable seating placed strategically around the gallery to soak in the beauty that surrounds you, giving you time to appreciate the artwork that is exhibited.

 Kate Owen Gallery is open seven days a week from 10am-6pm.

The gallery is located at:

 680 Darling Street
Rozelle NSW 2039

Phone: (02) 9555 5283

Email: info@kateowengallery.com



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