Contemporary ceramic art is finding it’s way into mainstream galleries across the globe. An ancient art from many cultures is currently transforming into modern day, glorious exhibits featuring sculptures of humans, animals political statements, and many other mind blowing abstract concepts. Extra large sculptures are becoming ever popular as well. It is becoming ever popular for galleries and museums to curate exhibits and events based on ceramic art.

 Clay is a very versatile medium. Artists tend to become one with the clay, letting their hands feel the smooth texture between their fingers, while creating their beautiful works of art. Things are easily changed while working with clay. If a mistake is made, it is easy to just add or take away or resculpt that portion to make it the way the artist sees it in their mind. The only tools that are necessary are the hands and imagination. Today’s ceramic artists have also incorporated an array of glazes and paints into their works to complete the feeling of the piece they are creating. Current styles of ceramic sculpture may be extra large in size and can be painted bold colors that make the statement of the artist very pronounced.

 You will find many ceramic competition across Australia, Europe and the United States, that feature awards and prizes. There are also many workshops available in this genre, for artists to expand their knowledge and experience in working with this medium.

 No holds are barred in this movement that is taking place in the art districts all over the world. Take a look at the galleries in your area and view the incredible work of the talented artists of today. You may even want to try working with this fabulous medium, and see what you can create yourself.

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